About us

Distinctive and dynamic working enviorment based on the highest standards of professional conduct.

Who we are

Being on the market for 18 years now, OAZA company has successfully grown from a local family business in Shtip to a proven global brand in the field of hospitality. Eighteen years later, we decided to embark on a new chapter, and start a new business concept called “OAZA Alkaloidi”.

Set up to cultivate and process pharmaceutical-grade cannabis into medical products, “OAZA Alkaloidi” now makes a footprint in the cannabis-for-medical-use business, too.

Founded in the heart of Eastern Macedonia, the Shtip region, both our plants and operation of the business are located on the crucial crossroad, enabling excellent and fast connection to every part of North Macedonia and its neighboring countries.

The “OAZA Alkaloidi” company currently operates on an area of 15.000m², using cutting-edge technology in the production process and following the highest standards of quality and security. Our corporate building is inspired by contemporary multinational pharmaceutical companies, offering seamless and consistent logical support to the overall production.

As proof of our intense and dedicated work and constant investment in top-notch technologies and techniques, in 2018 our company “OAZA Alkaloidi” was officially granted the Certification for cultivating pharmaceutical-grade cannabis for medical use.